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Welcome to my store specializing in adults & children's headbands, topknots, wire wraps, bows & statement earrings!

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To date $876 has been donated to Pancare Foundation through my store and is ongoing!


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Meet Laura

"In this life I've always wanted to help people" - Laura Brown

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My Story

As an Australian growing up in a small town you just knew everyone in the neighbourhood, Dad owned a local business and knew everyone in town. Over my years growing up from childhood it was clear to me that I knew my path in life because I quickly realised one of my passions is helping others.

At the start of the pandemic I was living happily in Canada and working in Whistler, a tourist Ski town full to the brim with life and adventure.. always something to do outdoors. I have a handsome boyfriend called Mikey who pushes me to be more and go further and we love to adventure together in the outdoors.

Mid way through getting residency and happier than ever the pandemic hit the whole world and due to a very difficult family emergency I decided the right thing to do was to come home and help. So now I'm home, I left my life, my boyfriend, my friends and a whole lot of adventure behind and came back to no financial help from the government but I have a real passion for creatvity and a super positive attitude and I just thought to myself, "Well, this isn't going to bring me down". I knew making masks would help people and I figured I could probably help myself too, though, I have to admit it's harder than you'd think.

Since starting we have been donating masks to causes and charities and I'd love to do much more of that and with your help, I can.
When you buy a mask from Wild Things Play, you're buying a mask or headband made by me personally. My own two hands will do everything from cutting your material to sewing the pattern, start to finish.

When you buy a mask from me, you're buying a mask from an Australian girl making her way through the pandemic with you and for that, I am thankful.

I hope you will love Wild Things Play and I hope it will allow you to bring out your wild side.

Lots of love,

Laura Brown