About Wild Things Play

Wild Things Play was created as the result of our world wide pandemic, with a clear vision to help others and a desire to create something out of the social norms the result is Wild Things Play.

What started out as a few masks for me, friends and family quickly turned in to something bigger. My masks were becoming popular because they stood out from the norm, they were fun and larger than life which I really wanted to create because a pandemic is already enough to get a gal down. 

I started creating hand made, self quality controlled, beautiful and colourful facemasks and all of sudden people started asking if they could buy one. From that, I created Wild Things Play and I hope you will enjoy the collections as much as I did making them. It has been a huge amount of work but it's been really fun to let out my wild side and I know you'll have fun letting out your wild side too!

Take a look at my creative and wild collection and see what suits you today!
There's something for everyone, I'm now making adorable 60's style headbands among modern style headbands too and even stuff for kids. Make your little one wild by adding an adorable headband and get bowled over with compliments from your friends! A good photo today will be worth a thousand words in only a few short years, don't miss out!

My name is Laura Brown and this is my story!