Retro Party - Face Mask
Retro Party - Face Mask

Retro Party - Face Mask

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🕺Retro Party🕺 

This is my Tribute to my neon themed BACK to the WILD family.
none of you will know what that means but that's okay 🤣.
All you need to know is that this mask is neon madness, so whip out your matching scrunchies and lets head back to the 80s baby! 

Get the Info:
- Light weight for summer
- Custom & bulk orders possible on request
- Sturdy nose wire prevents fog
- Filter pocket 
- Bacteria blocking/hypoallergenic filter
- Choose between adjustable ear loops or behind the head elastic 
- Comfortable, breathable fabric

Sizing Chart:
Adult Large: Fits Most Men
Adult Small: Fits Most Women & Teens 
Kids Large: Ages 7 - 12
Kids Small: Ages 3-6

** Not Intended For Medical Use **
** Final Sale **